27 June 2012

in loving memory of our dearest mama

our dearest mama The Piet Nio went to heaven to be with God yesterday. the items in this blog are no longer for sale. however this blog will remain so mama's wonderful creations can continue to be appreciated

11 December 2009

accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!

one can never have enough of accessories to dress up an outfit
and these bracelets are bound to be conversation starters
colours can be customised

SGD 15

A. size 2.5x16cm

B. 2x16cm

leafy greens are good for you

size: 3.5x9cm

butterflies rainbow

string of colourful butterflies make up this cheery rainbow
to brighten up a cloudy day!

size: 3x11.5cm

green peace emblem

how about making this into a badge?

size: 5.5x7cm

strawberries ripe for picking


A. size 5x6.5cm

B. size 5x7cm

size: 5x8cm

look who's landed in our garden

lovely butterfly in dusty rose pink

size: 3.5x4 cm

rosy posy (SOLD)

specially customised posy for a tough cookie :)

size: 4.5cm diameter

18 November 2009

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas!

the malls are playing the carols
the roads are lit with incandescent lights
it's beginning to look a lot like christmas!

we love to receive christmas cards with handwritten messages,
and thoughtful gifts that make us go "wow, that's so lovely!"
we're sure whoever receives these handmade tatting from you
will be pleasantly surprised this season.

old world charm (SOLD)

intricate chandelier earrings in a rich vintagey gold hue

SGD 15
size: 5x8cm (incl. hook)

afternoon tea with twinings (SOLD)

this is a unique piece, with a light gold chain twining through

SGD 18
size: 4.5x9cm

ring of butterflies (SOLD)

sew this ring of butterflies onto a crisp white shirt
or a brown leather satchel, the blue goes very well with brown leather

size: 6.5cm (diameter)

twinkle twinkle, my little stars (SOLD)

these look like sparkly snow flakes!

SGD 15
size: 4x6cm (incl. hook)

dusty rose chandeliers

picture this: light washed blue jeans, stripey tee, a cropped grey jacket,
and these dusty rose coloured earrings...

SGD 15
size: 4.5x6cm (incl. hook)

mod chic

black & white, always enduring, always a classic

SGD 15
size: 3x6cm (incl. hook)

rosy posy (SOLD)

a sweet nosegay that you can pin to a cropped denim jacket or a large floppy

SGD 20
size: 4.5cm diameter

17 November 2009

do you still read these days?

or getting someone a book?
write a "dear... xxoo..." message on that first blank page
and place one of these bookmarks there so he or she can't miss it :)

SGD 3 (click on the image to enlarge)
size: 2.5x10cm